젊은 여성(18세 이상)
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100% 프라이빗 쇼 입장료 US$2.17 / 분 100% Private show with the model (you only and the model)
"SneakPeek"요금 US$0.63 To enter the private show for a few seconds (with no communication)
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젊은 여성(18세 이상)


나이 27

165 cm - 65 in


50 kg - 110 lbs

신체 사이즈

63-75-92 cm - 25-30-36 in




I have always thought that it would be interesting to have relationships with someone on the roof of a building, I love the views and the adrenaline.

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내 쇼

애널섹스, 클로즈업, 섹스 토이, 펨돔, 페티시, 하이힐, 라텍스, 가죽, 라이브 오르가슴, 마사지, 마스터베이션, 신음, 오일, 구강, 숏팬츠, 타이즈, 피어싱, 기구, 쿠가 - MILF, 발, 엉덩이때리기, 오르가슴, 스타킹, 복종, 문신, 바이브레이터, 줌 카메라, 음성채팅, 겨드랑이, 부츠, 머리, 다리, 근육질, 고무, 구두, 간지럼, 속옷, 분수, 딜도 벨트

amelieblake의 라이브 채팅과 섹시 웹캠

I am physically athletic, cheerful, extroverted, multiphasic, I like tattoos and rock music, I love sports such as capoeira, ateltismo, MMA and boxing.

성적 선호도



I've always thought that while there is passion and fun nothing mattersI love to see who I am with, so if you can put your cam, it's perfect to make me wet

흥분되지 않는다

rude or promising people who don't comply

선호 체위

While we both enjoy and give pleasure to the other, nothing else matters, I adore 69
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