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Τιμή "SneakPeek" 0,75 $ To enter the private show for a few seconds (with no communication)
Τιμή Συνδρομής 5,52 $ / Μήνας To access HARD photos/videos of the model




44 ετών


170 cm - 67 in


60 kg - 132 lbs


88-62-92 cm - 35-24-36 in

Γλώσσα (ες) επικοινωνίας



I will like once in life, spend a evening on a montan log, in the fron of a fireplace , on fur carpet, with a sexy,smart,powerful man , who can behave like in a romantic movie :)

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Κοντινά πλάνα, Ερωτικά Αντικείμενα, Τακούνια, Οργασμός δημοσίως, Μασάζ, Αυνανισμός, Αναστεναγμοί, Νάιλον, Λάδι, Στοματικό, Κυλότα, Τεκνατζού-MILF, Πόδι, Ηδονή, Κάτω Εσώρουχο, Τατουάζ, Κάμερα με Ζουμ, Συνομιλία με ήχο, Μασχάλες, Γάμπες, Μεγαλύτεροι Άνδρες, Παπούτσια, Συντριβάνι
nice,ducated lady, sweet,funny,long legs, nice body,guess attractive, smart, smily , smoker , elegant. i dont do any perversions stuff, dont like ilegal sexual preferences and i dont play roles. in my show i masturbing vaginal and cum with you , with out exceptions

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educated,smart gentlemen who can talk something else then sex subjects

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D`ont request if u d`ont have money. Tip a bonus of couple euro for a request in free. I am not robod to turn me each of u at every second. Be polite, dont talk much and dont ask stupid questions. I dont need become so good friends. I dont intend fal

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Dont ask; be surprised in privat
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