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سعر الموديل US$ ٢٫١٧ / دقيقة Private show with the model
سعر الدخول 100% خاص US$ ٥٫٤٣ / دقيقة 100% Private show with the model (you only and the model)
سعر"SneakPeek" US$ ٢٫٠٦ To enter the private show for a few seconds (with no communication)




٢٨ سنة


١٦٥ cm - ٦٥ in


٥٥ kg - ١٢١ lbs


٩٣-٦٢-٩٠ cm - ٣٧-٢٤-٣٥ in

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I dream to have so many little piggies to spoil me and worship me and treat me like the queen that I am, that the only thing that would be left for me would be to relax and just keep on being a gorgeous Goddess ;)

في العرض الخاص بي

تكبير المشهد بالتقريب, ألعاب الجنس, مسيطرة, فيتيشية, كعوب, لاتكس, جلد, استمناء, نايلون, زيت, كيلوت, جوارب لاصقة, تخريم و بيرسينغ, قدم, ضربة كف على المؤخرة, متعة, جوارب سفلية, وشم, رجّاج ومدلك جنسي, كاميرا مع تزويم, دردشة مع الصوت, الإبط, أحذية طويلة, سيقان, أحذية, مداعبات, ألبسة داخلية, Strap-on dildo

دردشة مباشرة وكاميرا ويب كام مثيرة لـ sexterapy

I’m a sophisticated, demanding real life Mistress, who loves the control, discipline and humiliation of submissive males. I enjoy sensual to strict domination and erotic embarrassment to excruciating humiliation. In my show : Femdom, Fetish Female, Heels, Latex, Leather, Nylon, Pantyhose, Foot, Spanking, Stockings, Sound Chat, Legs, Shoes, Small Penis Kneel before Me, NOW!!!! And prepare yourself to treat Me as the QUEEN that I'm. My name is Mistress of the Dark, i'm from Europe. I have dark hair, brown eyes, long smooth legs and a arse to die for. I am a beautiful and sexy, confident lady, who is smart. I know what I want in life and exactly how to get it!!! Domination is not an act for me, it is a part of my personality that has always been there for as long as I can remember!

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men with money and men who will do as they are told


Rude cheap people

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me on top,you kneeling in front of me
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